lyndsers (lyndsers) wrote in miniaturess,

Name: Lyndsey
Age: seventeen
Sex: female
Location: Indiana
Likes: nudity, naps, english, gay pride, sweating, whiskey, conversation, public transportation, hot tea, dick van dyke, parking garages, daddy long legs, the history channel, dialects, being grungy
Dislikes: bugs, coffee, driving behind other cars, the dead deer in our freezer because i'm too creeped out to get food, bottled water, fast food, soda, make-up, people with obese toddlers

Desired Member Status: (*read the POINTS section*) traditional status


(you have to do this!)

5-10 Bands:
1. iron and wine
2. feist
3.elvis costello
4. manu chao
5. the moldy peaches
6. the smiths
7. camille

5-10 Movies:
i never watch t.v. or movies...
1. munich
2. ferris bueller's day off
3. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
4. disney's Hercules
5. the truman show

5+ Pictures:
Good quality only, please!
i just got a laptop and most of my pics are on my old comp so i'm working with what i've got on here and facebook/myspace

boyfriend and i, smokin hookah

some of my family and i

i just discovered i have a photo editing thing on my comp

Salute: i don't have one, but if you reallly want one i suppose i could work it out

How did you find out about miniaturess? ummm i don't know

Three Promotions:
(Please do this)
1. 1
2. 2
3. Place of your choice

A 153 (width) x 200 (height) picture:
(I can't resize for you; you're going to have to do it. Sorry!)

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